Mathematics Education department, established in 1982 as part of Buca Faculty of Education, is a 4 year program which prepares teachers for Ministry of Education state schools (primary and secondary), military schools and private schools.

* In 1998, by the initiative of the World Bank, Higher Education Council and Ministry of Education, education faculties have gone through a restructuring. As a result of this, our program has become a 5 year program. The first 3.5 years of the program being undergraduate and the last 1.5 years master’s without theses. While the first 3.5 years 90 % of the courses students take consist of Theoretical Mathematics, the remaining 1.5 years they take pedagogical formation courses to complete the program. When the duration of the program became 5 years, our department has become an independent department under the Secondary Education Science and Mathematics Fields department, and was named Mathematics Education Department. Based on the results of University Entrance Exam, our department is in the top three.

* Adopting the modern learning experiences and environments to its program, our department’s first objective is to educate individuals who are more involved in mathematics and therefore, think more, produce more, and question more.

* Our department admits about 60-70 new students each year based on their OSS score. In addition, foreign students are also admitted through Foreign Student Exam.

* As of 2004-2005 academic year 2 professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 1 Instructor and 3 Research Assistants serve actively in our department.

* Our department also offers master’s and doctoral programs as carried out by the Institute of Educational Sciences of our university.