The objectives of the Division of Painting-Crafts Education are to run a four-year undergraduate program based on contemporary teacher training approaches, to equip teacher candidates with contemporary assessment and evaluation approaches, to enable them to design learning environments by means of instructional technologies, and to familiarize them with various special teaching methods and techniques in their teaching along with new developments and innovations in their field.

Established as Painting-Crafts Department as a part of Izmir Institute of Education for girls. Institution was turned into Izmir (Buca) High School of Teaching in 1978 and Buca Faculty of Education of Dokuz Eylul University in 1982. Department has continued its program till 1998, as a result of restructuring of the faculty in 1998, it was integrated into the Department of Fine Arts Education as a division.

Graduates enjoy productive careers in public and private schools and courses run by the Ministry of National Education as teachers and in museums, libraries and art galleries as researchers and senior advisers and in many other areas of the public service as civil servants. Can work in graphic and advertisement agencies, printing presses and factories, medias like newspaper, magazine, production and publication firms and televisions as designer or operators.

The students must complete 4 years of study acquiring 240 ECTS credits. The degree is awarded to students who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum and have minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00/4.00 and have got no failing grades.

High school diploma, a predetermined minimum grade from the nation-wide Student Selection Examination, being in the first sixty in the three leveled elimination exam based on skills of drawing, creativity and imagination is requiring for acceptance.