As being one of the 5 divisions of Department of Primary Education ; Division of Elementary Teaching, lasting for four-years, aims to train teachers for the state and private schools which belong to the Ministry of Education.
Graduates of our department who are responsible for teaching from first grade to fifth, take various courses such as culture, pedagogical knowledge and information. The purpose of the education given in this department is to train teachers who can keep up with the new technologies and the community, who can investigate and question within the frame of scientific, contemporary, democratic and secular point of view. The division of Elementary Teaching was opened in 1987-1988 academic year as a High School of Education, and since 1992-1993 academic year has continued education as Class Teacher Training Department. Since 2006, in the process of reconstructivism new curriculums are implemented. In our department there are 1 professor, 6 associate professors, 2 assistant professors 1 research assistant.