The Department of Turkish Language and Literature started the undergraduate program in 1982. The department consists of four programs: Modern Turkish Language, Modern Turkish Literature, Old Turkish Literature, and Folklore. Turkish Language and Literature is an interdisciplinary field of science that language, literature, languistic, folklore, history, decumantation, sosyology, educate ect. Turkish Language and Literature is a field that analyzes Turkish Language and Literature. It examines the historical development of Turkish, the relationship between language and mind; and the relationship between language and culture. In the program, the historical development of Turkish Language, Modern Turkish Literature and its significance in the world literature is examined. Analyses of the major literary masterpieces of the World Literature are also within the scope of our undergraduate program. The department is governed by one department head and one deputy department head. The decisions related with the department are made by the department acedemic board which is composed of all faculty members of the department. Graduates can work as researchers in their fields, academics, teachers or archivists. They can also find career opportunities in libraries or museums.The purpose of Department is to raise language awareness through linguistic analysis of predominantly, albeit not excludingly, Turkish; to provide skills for literary criticism, and to educate competent individuals who can fully appreciate literary works of art