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Dear prospective students,

Computer and Instructional Technologies Education department is waiting for you.
Our department is located in the Hasan Ali Yücel Building of the Buca Education Faculty and has 1 classroom and 4 computer laboratories.

The laboratories are equipped with equipment such as smart boards, computers and projectors.

There is an Instructional Technologies Research and Development Laboratory in the faculty where students of the department can benefit.
In this laboratory, there are 3D printers, robotic sets, hologram device, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies that department students can use in their projects. In our department, national (TÜBİTAK, BAP) and international (European Union-#Educode, #EDigiLit) projects, events, seminars, conferences are organized and conducted.
We wish you all success in the university selection process.

Detail information: http://tercihrehberi.deu.edu.tr